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On a very cold day in January 1989 Eriskay of Apex 9004 was born. A double bred Shoshone Vantage JB23 daughter. She went on to raise 15 natural calves while being flushed several times. Interests in four of her sons were kept for our own use. Including Apex Advance 349 purchased by Leachman Cattle Co. at the 2000 Midland Bull Test Sale. We have flushed many of her daughters and grand-daughters. 9004's influence is in many other herd sires such as ABS's BPF Special Focus 504, Schurrtop Absolute 5486, Schurr 77 527 2063 and Accelerated Genetics' Apex Windy 078. A grand-daughter raised a bull calf, "Shipwheel Chinook," born in 2007 that was one of our top sellers to Spickler Ranch of North Dakota. Unfortunately, we lost 9004 in the summer of 2008, at nearly 20 years of age. She is the foundation of our cow herd. We will miss her but are doing our best to keep her genetics running strong.

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Apexette Eriskay 3060

3060 is a powerful daughter of the legendary Right Time 338. She is a 2003 granddaughter of our main 9004 donor.

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Registered No. 145933517

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Apex Eriskay 5506


Apex Eriskay 5506 is a grand-daughter of our 9004 donor cow. She is very moderate with an outstanding "In Focus" disposition. She is best known for raising Shipwheel Chinook as her first natural calf.

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Registered No. 15252929

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4425 is a very attractive 2004 model cow that has proven herself worthy of being a donor for us. We don't flush a cow until she has shown us her ability to raise exceptional calves and still be here after many years of doing it. A son was our 2010 co-high selling bull to Black Pine Farm. Another son by Shipwheel Chinook 1549 was one of our high selling bulls in 2012 to Emtman's Triple E Angus. She is also the grand dam of our resident herd sire BPF Dr. J 2110.