About Us


The Swanson Family from Shipwheel Cattle Company welcomes you to North Central Montana. We are family owned and operated by Kilint & Lori Swanson, son Austin and daughter Bree. Our outfit consists of two places. One is the Clear Creek ranch which is 15 miles SW of Chinook and the other is the Snake Creek ranch which is 25 miles south of Chinook on the North side of the Bear Paw Mountains.

Our family has been raising black angus cattle since 1945. We are very passionate about it. It’s in our blood and it is our way of life. We would not be where we are today without the previous generations support and guidance. We look forward to seeing the future generations of our family and cowherd to carry on the tradition.

Our cowherd consists of 1200 mother cows. 400 of which are registered, and the balance are commercial. Our cows aren’t babied. The registered and commercial cows are run together in our extreme northern climate. The cows are primarily range calved in April and May. Our goal is to raise the most functional cattle that we can. They must excel in every trait without being extreme, only extremely good! Strong emphasis is put on foot and udder structure, fertility, and disposition. There is no hoof trimming here and no creep.

We take pride in doing everything that we can ourselves at the ranch. Every bull selling in our sale is bred, born, and raised on our outfit. The bulls are weaned in late October and graze on hay meadows until late November and then put into the grow yard at our Clear Creek Ranch. From there, they are turned onto grass for the summer then brought back to the grow yard in September in preparation for the sale.

We are truly grateful for the relationships that we have made over the years and greatly appreciate our customer’s support that enables us to do what we love. Feel free to stop by anytime to visit and look at cattle.

At Shipwheel Cattle Company, we believe in supporting those organizations that support us.
For that reason, we are members of the following:

Montana Angus Association
North Central Montana Stockgrowers Assocation
North Central Montana Angus Association
Montana Stockgrowers Association
North Central Montana CattleWomen
Montana CattleWomen
American National CattleWomen
Chinook Area Chamber of Commerce